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Terms and Conditions


§ 1 Validity area

(1) apply to all through the online shop on www.hf-pdrtools-shop.de contracts concluded between the HF PDR Tools GmbH, Nelkenstr.3, 75382 Neuhengstett, Germany (here in after "Provider") and the customer (here in after "Customer") exclusively the following terms and conditions in force at the time of the particular contract version. The inclusion of the customer's own terms are hereby rejected, unless it is otherwise agreed.

(2) customer within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions are both consumers and entrepreneurs may be.

A consumer is any natural person who enters into a transaction for purposes which can be attributed mainly neither commercial nor its independent vocational activity.

Entrepreneur is a natural or legal person or a legal partnership, in concluding a legal transaction in their commercial or independent professional activity.


§ 2 Contract Object

Subject of the contract is the sale of goods by the seller. The details, particularly the essential characteristics of the goods are to be found in the respective product description.


§ 3 Registration and Login

(1) For orders in the online shop of the provider registration to the customer is not required.

(2) If the customer wants to use the personal data necessary for the order with other orders or through "My Account" an overview of his orders query and modify the data it entered personal information, a registration and this in turn a one-time registration is required ,

(3) For the registration, the customer is asked a form available, which he truthfully filled in online and must be despatched. As a user name, the customer's e-mail address is used. The password can be set by the customer himself. The customer is obligated to keep the password secret and to notify the third party in any way.


§ 4 Conclusion of the contract

(1) The product representations contained in the online shop of the provider do not constitute legally binding offers by the seller are, but the call of the customer are intended only to submit a binding offer.

(2) The customer can select products from the assortment of the offerer and this "Add to cart" collect via the button in a so-called basket. Click on the button "payment Paid Order" he delivers a binding offer to buy the goods in the basket. Before the binding submission of the order, the customer can correct his entries at any time by means of the usual keyboard and mouse functions. Errors can also be corrected by the customer cancels the purchase process and, if necessary, begin again. If the customer wants to completely cancel the ordering process, it may also simply close the browser window. The binding request to purchase the goods in the basket may only be submitted and transmitted if the customer accepts by clicking the checkbox "I have read the terms of your shop and agree to their validity." These terms and conditions, and thereby added to his request has.

(3) The provider then sends the customer an automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail to, in which the customer's order is listed again. The automated confirmation of receipt only documents that the customer's order is received by the provider, and does not constitute acceptance of the request. The agreement is done by the declaration of acceptance by the agent, with a separate e-mail (order confirmation) will be sent and at the latest by the dispatch of the goods ordered.

(4) In addition, the customer can offer via e-mail, fax, phone submit opinions to the seller.

(5) If the customer has not received any confirmation of the order or notice of the shipment or any goods within five days, shall be deemed to reject the offer, with the result that the customer is no longer bound by its offer. Optionally, any payments already made by the customer will be refunded immediately in this case.

(6) When submitting a bid via the online order form, the treaty text to the customer's order is stored by the provider and sent to the customer by submitting his order within the order confirmation email. In addition, the text of the contract in the online shop of the provider will be archived and can be accessed by the customer through its password protected customer account under "My account", provided that the customer has not created an account in the online shop of the provider before submitting his order.

(7) For the conclusion of the contract is exclusively the German language.


§ 5 Goods availability

(1) Is the date of the customer's order, the goods ordered by him temporarily unavailable, the supplier shall inform the customer, this in the order confirmation without delay. For a delivery delay of more than two weeks, the customer has the right to rescind the contract. Incidentally, also the provider is entitled to withdraw from the contract in this case. Here, he will refund any payments already made by the customer immediately.

(2) If at the time of the customer's order, the goods ordered by him permanently unavailable, the supplier shall inform the customer this email immediately and looks from the remainder of a declaration of acceptance. A contract is not concluded in this case.


§ 6 Delivery time

(1) The respective delivery, the customer can refer to the shipping information to the article.

(2) The delivery is made within the specified in the individual product delivery time (Monday to Friday, except public holidays). The deadline for delivery starts on the day after the order is submitted.

(3) In case of pickup the provider shall inform the client initially by email or by phone about the fact that the goods ordered by him to be picked up. Then the customer can pick up the goods after consultation with the seller. In this case, no shipping costs will be calculated.

(4) The risk of shipping goods ordered, the provider, if the customer is a consumer. If the customer is an entrepreneur, the dispatch takes place at his own risk.


§ 7 Prices and shipping costs

(1) The indicated by the supplier prices are in euros (EUR), including the applicable VAT. There are also possible shipping costs.

(2) The appropriate shipping charges to the customer in the order specified and shall be borne by the customer, unless he exercises his right of withdrawal.

(3) If delivery is made in countries outside the European Union, can in individual cases, other costs such as Duties, taxes or charges incurred, which are borne by the customer.


§ 8 Terms and conditions

(1) The customer has several payment options available, which are stated in the online shop of the provider.

(3) the customer has chosen the bill payment, the purchase price within 14 days after receipt of invoice without any deduction for payment.

(4) occurs When you pick up, if payment is made in cash, the maturity of the purchase price upon receipt of goods.


§ 9 Withdrawal

(1) consumers are generally entitled to a right of withdrawal. More information about the right of withdrawal arising from the cancellation of the provider.

(2) The right of withdrawal does not apply to consumers who do not belong to a member state of the European Union at the time the contract was concluded and whose sole residence and delivery address at the time the contract was concluded outside the European Union are.


§ 10 Retention of Title

(1) With respect to consumers, the seller retains title to the goods delivered until full payment of the purchase price owed.

(2) If the customer is an entrepreneur, the provider retains ownership of the delivered goods until full settlement of all claims from an ongoing business relationship. The customer is entitled to resell the goods in the ordinary course of business further. All resulting claims against third parties, the customer in advance to the supplier and in the amount of the respective invoice value (incl. VAT). Notwithstanding this assignment, the customer remains entitled to collect the debt. The authority of the supplier to collect the claims itself remains unaffected; however, undertook the providers not to collect the claim as long as the customer duly fulfills his payment obligations, does not default on payment and no application has been made for the opening of insolvency proceedings.


§ 11 Liability for defects

(1) The seller is liable for defects in the goods supplied by the applicable statutory provisions.

(2) However, if the customer is an entrepreneur, the limitation period for claims for defects for one year from the transfer of risk Time shall begin not again, if within the warranty replacement will be provided. The statute of limitations for the right of recourse according to § 478 BGB remain unaffected. The same applies in cases of intentional breach of duty and fraudulent concealment of defects.

(3) is shown a guarantee in the item description, the statutory warranty rights of the customer towards the seller remain unaffected. The contents of the guarantee and all the relevant information necessary for the assertion of the warranty, the customer can refer to the specified product during warranty conditions of the guarantor.


§ 12 Liability

(1) Customer claims for damages are excluded, as long as nothing else is determined.

(2) are excluded from the liability claims for damages of the customer arising from injury to life, limb, health or the breach of contractual obligations as well as liability for other damages or on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty of the provider, his legal representative agents. Material contractual obligations are those whose performance to achieve the Treaty objective is necessary and which the customer may trust. These include, for example, free to hand over the duties of the provider, the customer bought goods from physical and legal defects, and to give him the title to her.

(3) Should the supplier negligently an essential contractual obligation, liability is limited to the typical, foreseeable damage, unless there are claims for damages of the customer arising from injury to life, limb or health.

(4) The above disclaimer applies to the legal representatives and agents of the provider, if claims are asserted directly against them.

(5) The provisions of the Product Liability Act remain unaffected.


§ 13 Final Provisions

(1) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany, excluding the CISG applies to all legal relationships between the parties. For consumers, this choice of law only insofar as the granted protection is not withdrawn by mandatory provisions of law of the country in which the consumer has his habitual residence shall apply.

(2) If the customer is a merchant, legal entity under public law or public-law special fund, the exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract shall be the seat of the provider. The same applies if the customer has no general jurisdiction in Germany or the EU or domicile or habitual residence at the time the action is not known. The authority also of the court to call in another legal jurisdiction remains unaffected.