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Paintless Dent Repair - 
Removing hail damage and parking dents 

No matter if your car got hit by a hailstorm, a door edge stop at the parking lot or a chestnut that lands on the vehicle. Small and large dents can quickly be found at the vehicle body.

Conventional repairs (filling, sanding, painting) are often expensive and depreciate, as the original condition of the vehicle body is lost. In order to bring the vehicle back to its "original" condition, the paint-damage-free and comparatively inexpensive technology of paintles dent repair is used.

Your advantage:

Dents are no longer visible, the original condition is restored and the vehicle retains its value.

High quality tools from HF PDR Tools

The different repair methods of paintless dent repair (PDR) require a large number of special tools.

In our online shop you will find all items that are required for professional and paintless repairs to hail damage and parking dents.

The HF range includes a large part of self-developed and manufactured PDR tools as well as products from well-known international manufacturers.

In addition to a large range of articles for glueing technology, you will also find a large selection of hammers, levers and hooks, special LED lamps and many other useful products in our portfolio.

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